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Truck Stops And Hotel Hops

We maxed out the uber breakfast in Hotel Calatayud. After inhaling about 3 cups of coffee I also managed a bacon and egg sanga, bowl of cereal, pastries, water melon and more. Hotels for the next couple of nights too until Segovia still no camping options but they do pick up from there right through [...]

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¡Viva España!

We miss our French pastry breakfast, Spanish breakfast is coffee and a bread roll with jam, unless you can score a Spanish omelette, then your cooking. The trusty road we had been following all day directed us towards a tunnel which passes through a mountain, Tunel De Berga. The tunnel was dark, there was no shoulder [...]

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France: A Tourist Guide

This post is brought to you by co-rider Eal Van Dyke. Where to go If you like identical towns and cows your best sticking to the north east of France. There are 10 times more cows than people in that region. Don’t get me wrong cows are good lads but after the 200th one you’ve seen, [...]

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Pyrenees Ahoy

It was always going to be a late start leaving Montpelier as we couldn’t pick the bikes up until 11am, nice to have a lazy morning for once anyway. We do still need to get to Lisbon for around July 3rd to sort out boxing the bikes for the flight to Boston on the 5th. It was [...]

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Chasing The Sun

First day back on the road and it was the coldest yet, 15 C and raining. Thankfully Grenoble was the easiest place yet to navigate out from, in fact we would be on the D1075 right from downtown for 60 miles the whole day. After generally flat terrain the first half of the day continuing [...]

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To Grenoble!

Roads lead to waypoints and although the Grenoble rest was tangible we still had a reasonble 50ish mile ride to get there. Cruising out of Aix Les Baines on a sunny sunday morning we used the Garmin to get us out of town, only to see the battery say it was low and then switch [...]

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Supertramps And The Geneva CON-vention

Leaving Besancon we had to navigate around the city centre nightmare and head up the hills as we progress towards Les Alps. The sun has given us a good baking on a few occasions already this trip to the point in which we appreciated overcast conditions, the forcast storm was not forthcoming and we endured [...]

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Broke But Not Broken

After a week on the road it seemed like a good idea for a rest day to re-stock, cleanup and let the legs recoup after the initial riding. The issue was Grandpré, the town we had camped in, was tiny with few amenities, not the type of place you want to take a day off. [...]

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Deux Camping

We rode with Wim on his Way to work and he pointed us on route where we rejoined the fietsnetwork for the first portion of the day before joining the canal path all the way into Leuven, a slightly less glamourous city than Gent and Antwerp but intriguing all the same, I’ve never been so [...]

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Bike Lanes, Beer And Super Wim

Upon arrival in Zeebrugge we left the ferry terminal and my mind almost imploded attempting to turn left at a roundabout in the right-hand lane. After getting our bearings we soon joined the fietsnetwork, an intricate group of bike paths that span the majority of Belgium. Its was beautiful riding on another hot day, the [...]

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