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Divided And United

Breakfast in Whitefish, sad happy times. I got some monstrous pancakes which I cleverly devised a well in the middle of to hold maple syrup for dunking. Appetites satisfied it was ride time, this is where Flavia splits from us. I held up emotions pretty good as we hugged goodbye knowing we get to meet up again in a [...]

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Mountains Of Fun

I had expected a change in scenery several days ago leaving Havre, Bob told me that we were on the cusp of the transition towards trees, mountains, greenery, the rockies! Still nothing had really changed and I was starting to wonder if someone had moved them. Breakfast is a big deal for our little trio, [...]

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You Wind Some You Lose Some

I failed to take a picture of the ride to Glasgow (glasscow). The shoulder was erratic all day with really bad truck traffic. At one point on a downhill a gust blew me so hard I went into the gravel which sloped off the side. I managed to stay on the bike but I immediatley [...]

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The Shower Free Three

Leaving Bismarck via bike path early the next morning was super cold to the point I was riding with one hand on bars and the other stuffed inside my jacket, switching as the exposed hand began to turn white. We all ended up buying some cheap gloves at the first gas station of the day. [...]

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Roughrider State

It was immediately obvious on the morning leaving Fargo that our planned 4 day blitz across North Dakota was probably a little unlikely. Firstly we had a super leisurely breakfast then went across to a coffee shop to wait on the bike shop opening so Eal and Flavia could score some new tyres. We then navigated to [...]

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Fargo + 1

Leaving Elsie’s we headed back towards downtown on the Cedar creek trail which took us right by target field again and across the river to the north. Today would be off the grid again as we came off the northern tier to get here so it was a case of ride 65 miles due North [...]

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Mississippi Rollers

We decided to hit Elkader town for breakfast, only it was Sunday which meant we had stumped ourselves with an unusually early start because everything was closed until 9am, gas station it was. Shame too because it was a really nice place, we both spent 10 minutes just riding up and down the streets looking around, its the closest [...]

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City Park Life

The Odell park treat us well that evening despite somebody the previous evening telling us some cyclists had there gear set on fire by some unruly youth recently. We met another westbounder outside the gas station who was heading to see his son in Iowa, he was riding a recumbent and we shared Indiana dog stories before [...]

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