France: A Tourist Guide

This post is brought to you by co-rider Eal Van Dyke.

Where to go

If you like identical towns and cows your best sticking to the north east of France. There are 10 times more cows than people in that region. Don’t get me wrong cows are good lads but after the 200th one you’ve seen, enough is enough.

South east of France is your winner. Very decent scenery in the form of the Alps and then wine country. The further you head south the more you see of Sammy sunshine absolutely no need for a rain coat.

Paris. We haven’t visited Paris but from what I have heard its suppose to be alright.

Food and Drink

Two things have stood out in this department bread and wine. The bread is top draw and we haven’t had a bad drop of the red stuff yet, this may been down to the fact we’re all ways hungry and after 8 hours in the saddle any liquor is a treat but I trust my palette enough to know good quality bread and wine.

I’m sure there’s better food out there but as most of our cooking is of the tinned sort those are my highlights.


We have seen a lot of lads that we don’t see back home but I don’t know any of their names so just keep your eyes open in France and you’ll see summit new.

We have also seen about 5 or 6 snakes. The majority have been dead but that’s 5 or 6 too many in my book. St Patrick needs hiring in to take care of the epidemic. There not needed so get rid of em.

Tips an tricks

The French are similar in the Irish in the sense they only work half days so just check in advance if you are wanting something in particular to be open. I’m not having a go, fair play to them, give them more time to practice their French bowls.

Toilets, its probably worth packing a toilet seat as the French aren’t keen on them and its a bit naughty having to use the bare basin. If you are traveling light a pack a wet wipes will do the job.

Overall thoughts

The French seem to have a bad rep back home. From my experiences this is totally incorrect, pretty much everyone has been super friendly and helpful. A lot of old boys try and have some crack its just a shame the only French words I know are the “please and thank” you sort. France, well worth a visit and long live the king.

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  1. enjoyed reading tourist guide to france, good how you got them cows to pose for pic…loving the blog keep up the good work, x

  2. Hiya eals,The last time i saw that many cows i was in stockton.Sounds like your getting a little to fond of the old vino,hope rye’s not behind this.Keep up the good work.

  3. I’ve just seen a link to this blog through FB and discovered what you two lads are up to! This sounds amazing and your blog has brightened up a dull work day so will be following from now on! Good luck, keep it up! xxx

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